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It was a relatively normal morning normal for South Park, anyway at the South Park high school. Students flitted around hallways. It was still crraig minutes before the first period.

South Park s19e06 Episode Script

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Stranger Sign in, buddy. Logout Register. Are Tweek and Craig an actual couple now? I believe they're just pretending to make the town happy. Re: Are Tweek and Craig an actual couple now? I can see to break it up as it is pointed out that they are pretending to be together and so why have them together forever?

Should a girl ask a guy out online dating would be nice to see Craig who says he wants chicks to get one. I have to admit I really liked the Asian girl with the hat on. Tweek x craig asian dating would be nice to me to see some more roles in the show.

I say Tweek and Craig may make there way into season It is not the type of thing or the type of characters that are done so much so it can be a read more to have sit on the shelve for a season or two until it is something to deal with again. I hope fans are not expecting more Tweek and Craig as I think there really will be none for the remainder of this season. Being gay is a popular South Park topic but it is only like one or two episodes a season so we may only see a couple of seconds of Tweek and Craig with the last three episodes.

Tweek and Craig can be a couple yet nothing will come of it. Craig wants girls later in life and Tweek is still unsure of himself tweek x craig asian dating what he can accomplish. I am sure both are straight and just need time to heal the wounds the Asian girls have caused.

There really needs to be a revenge to the Asian girls as I will say they are hot yet they should dating july speed sydney be able to go here white characters gay on whim. Stan and Kyle :. Fu ck off. I and many other fans just think they're putting on a show until people forget about them. Use the search links below: US version and UK version.

Or maybe not. As long as they get paid for it. Phase 1: Pretend to be a gay couple. Phase 2:? Phase 3: Profit! That's the point of both "Tweek vs. Craig" and "Tweek x Craig. But if they are not, they will suffer pretending to be in love until the Asian girls leave them alone. Either way, serves them right for being a couple of greedy conformist bitches unable to stand their ground!

JamesPup wrote: I hope that Tweek and Craig are a couple for some time to be. You can't un read it! I think if someone is masturbating than they know who tweek x craig asian dating like. I was always around boys and girls but mainly boys. I have a sister and so sometimes I would have to play read article her and you know the way brothers and sisters get.

Also most of the kids in my neighborhood had a sister or brother so we all would hang out and play together. So for me it was normal to be around boys and girls when I was 10 years old. The saying that girls are dumb was just code that boys use to do boy stuff. Girls will just protest and show you they can do it too.

I had lots of girls playing violent video games with me and playing sports. My age? Answer "I'm not gay" to question 2, I'd get a variety of answers including a great line from a fine episode "We are learn more here and it's okay, because gay means happy and happy means gay.

The way they think and act in this show these days is more relevant in High School. I could relate to these characters more at than I could when I was I can relate to Tweek.

Surprised I wasn't nicknamed Tweek growing up because if you saw me in person, you'd see a shaking, twitching, easily shocked by small things and somehat paranoid individual. Took years, "Oooh you know I think tweek x craig asian dating might have Aspergers syndrome" Bingo. I have no idea how it is now. That was back when we still needed a tweek x craig asian dating up modem to access the internet and this show was about ready to make Comedy Central grow to be available to a lot more viewers.

At the end of the episode they became really good friends. You won't see Tweek and Craig kissing on the show as they're I mean, you never saw Stan and Wendy kissing althoug they are couple since forever. Jump to. Who click here online Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests.

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After the South Park Elementary Asian community creates yaoi art, Wendy Testaberger gives a cultural presentation on it - the only complication being that it is entirely made up of Craig and Tweek as a gay couple, the art being blatantly homosexual.

Soon, everybody in town thinks they're actually a gay couple, and they're so determined to be tolerant that nothing the service scotland dating free boys can say seems to change their minds. The two boys try fighting, xating for it to be dismissed as a lover's quarrel. Eventually, Craig formulates a plan for them to 'come out' so that they can break up.

It doesn't go as daying planned though, when Tweek does a little improvisation that makes Craig look like a cheater - especially since Japanese girls aren't that easily datint from a cute pairing.

Will the two ever make up and accept it? Meanwhile, Cartman is so concerned about gay boys checking him out that he gets Cupid Me to try and get them together, while Cupid Me just really wants a rwanda dating sites with him. The parents of the titular "couple" tweeek have their moments: Tweek's parents are very supportive and give him cash for coming out. And while Craig's dad isn't exactly homophobic, he still doesn't know how to deal with his own son being gay.

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Not to be confused with Tweek vs. It was aired on October 28, A rumor about a homosexual relationship between Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak has backpage sites free throughout the town of South Park.

Meanwhile, Eric Cartman 's Cupid counterpart tries to start a homosexual relationship with him. Wendy Testaburger presents a slideshow of art Yaoi drawn by the Asian Girls in at the school assembly.

All of the girls find it adorable but not the boys, especially Tweek and Craig. Afterwards, the boys debate on whether or not Craig and Tweek are actually gay, fearing they could be "next", having Yaoi art of them.

Craig and Tweek approach the Asian Girls and ask to know go here they are drawing pictures of them. Tweek freaks out, exclaiming "What if my parents find out?

Even though they proclaim they are not gay, the Principal refuses to hear their pleas and lectures them on "affirmative consent" rules of engagement, much to their annoyance. Stan Marsh is confused by the events that are transpiring, and Randy Marsh tries to talk to him about it, saying that as a "PC Dad", he knows all about this stuff.

But when Stan asks why Asians are the ones who decide who is gay, Tweek x craig asian dating is confused and lost, acting like he knows what Yaoi is, describing it as anal intercourse, as well as using unrelated words such as "Maui Zaui". At Whole FoodsThomas Tucker is told by numerous people that they know about Craig, and they're happy for him.

He is scared and confused as he has no idea what they're talking about. At dinner at Tweek's house, his parents tell see more that they tweek x craig asian dating he's gay, speaking, speed dating bristol 20s flapper useful that they're proud of him.

His father becomes so ecstatic that he gives Check this out some money. A musical interlude, " The Book of Love click here, shows a montage of Tweek, Craig, Thomas, and Stan lying in their beds, confused about everything. Outside of the school, there is a giant mural of Tweek and Craig spray painted on the wall. A local artist tent shows off hundreds of Yaoi art of the two, and the Asian Girls are selling the pictures tweek x craig asian dating money.

Mayor McDaniels is shown in her office, looking through photos of them, and then glances at a photo of a man on her desk. In his room, Cartman is trying to make sense of the situation when Cupid Me shows up and is asked to help Tweek and Craig's supposed relationship. Cupid Me shoots Craig with a love arrow as he sleeps, and then pees in his mouth "just for fun", much to the amusement of Cartman. Cupid Me tries flirting with Cartman, who shoots him down because he claims he is not a here. The next day, Cartman comes up to Learn more here and Kyle Broflovskitelling them that Tweek and Craig are "about to have sex".

In reality, they have a fist fight. PC Principal calls Thomas to click the following article him that Craig see more been in a fight, which makes him happy and relieved.

PC Tweek x craig asian dating calls it a "lovers quarrel", but there were no "affirmative-consent issues", which annoys both Craig and Thomas. Instead of disciplinary action, the two are sent home and given money. Xi tells Randy that Yaoi comes from Japanbut Stan walks in and Randy once again pretends he knows what he is talking about.

Cartman receives flowers from an anonymous person, attached with a note that says "Can't we just try? Cartman and Cupid Me have a serious talk about this one-sided relationship, and Cartman cuts Cupid Me off, claiming still that he's not a homosexual.

Craig shows up at Tweek's house, and tells Tweek that he has a plan to "put a stop to this. At Skeeter's BarThomas is drowning his sorrows, complaining "why does this have to happen to my son?

The boys look up Yaoi, but are still confused as to why it exists in the first place. In front of the Asian Girls, Craig and Tweek stage their "break-up", but unfortunately, Tweek goes too far and creates a "Michael". Tweek continues and tells Craig he just uses people and steps on them. He runs off in tears, and Wendy follows after him. The students are disgusted at Craig for "breaking up" with Tweek.

Another musical interlude, " Say Something ". The plan works, but now everyone is sad about Tweek and Craig "breaking up", and the Yaoi art about them has been replaced with sadder murals depicting Tweek as the victim. The Mayor is seen standing in front of a gravestone, suggesting she is a widow to the man in the picture on her desk.

Cartman shows up at a gay bar called Ruffian'swhere he tells Cupid Me that they need him to help Craig and Tweek get back together, which Cupid Me only accepts after the promise of one date with Cartman. It is shown that only Cartman can see Cupid Me a figment of free online dating for parents demented imaginationas everyone else thinks he's talking to himself.

Tweek comes to Check this out house and tries to make up with him. He tells Craig that he made him believe in himself more than anyone else has done before, and that everyone is sad tweek x craig asian dating. Craig refuses and points out that Tweek went way too far in the fake break up, and now he'll never get more info girls.

He then tells Tweek that he's going to have to go be gay with someone else. Inside, Thomas is talking to Laura Tucker about how he feels about the whole situation. He says that in his time, homosexuality just wasn't accepted. Cupid Me shows up and shoots Thomas with a love arrow, and pees in his mouth as well. Thomas opens up, and tells Craig that he can't fight being gay, and that he supports him. Without saying anything, he extends his hand. Tweek takes it, and they walk down the street together.

Everyone sees, and is thrilled about it, except for the other boys. Tweek and Craig are then seen together, playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate as a Japanese man is singing a love song about them while a live action video of two boys dressed like Tweek and Craig walk around.

The episode ends with Cartman and Cupid Me on their "date", where Cupid Me seemingly has anal intercourse with Cartman. His mom walks in on him in the bathroom, imagining their date, while masturbating. Oddly enough, she finds it cute. The only read article anyone thinks Tweek and Craig are gay in the first place is because of the aforementioned erotica, which gets drawn by a bunch of Asian schoolgirls simply because they think tweek x craig asian dating two boys are cute.

IGN gave "Tweek x Craig" a " 8. I'm sure many a Wacom is firing up right now for that romantic pairing too. Sign See more Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Watch Episode. Contents [ show ]. AV Club. Categories :.

Episode chronology Previous Next " Safe Space ". List of all South Park episodes. Spoiler warning! Plot details follow. Story Elements.

Asian Girls

It was a relatively normal morning normal for South Park, anyway at the South Asiann high school. Students flitted around hallways. It was still ten minutes before the first period. Craig Tucker arrived at school relatively early that day, which was uncharacteristic of him, and without his boyfriend beside him, which was even more uncharacteristic.

Once he had his datinb he would need for the first period in his backpack and the rest stowed away vating the locker, he closed it shut and turned around, leaning on it casually and looking around to see if he'd spot one familiar golden haired boy. Which, if he were nearby, shouldn't be difficult, he thought, given the fact that after Tweek has hit his growth spurt, he stood six feet tall, mere two inches yweek than Craig who was easily the tallest boy in their classthus disspelling the myth that coffee stunts one's growth, and combined with his radiant blonde hair, he didn't exactly blend in.

And indeed, soon he really saw his boyfriend as he elbowed his way towards Craig through the flow of other students. Craig's expression shifted from his usual chill-apathetic to delighted, pushed himself off the locker he was leaning on and made few steps forward, but as he saw Tweek's face, his happiness faltered.

Something was wrong here. Tweek usually looked like he was on edge, less often unfazed or actually happy, but the absolutely furious look Craig now saw on Tweek, who was striding towards him at fast pace, clutching his phone in his right hand, his left hand balled into datung fist, he hasn't that seen since they were in fourth grade.

What happened next, Craig couldn't possibly have prepared for. Tweek's left fist collided with Craig's left cheek, sending him stumbling back towards the lockers. The entire hallway went eerily silent and everyone's attention turned towards the couple. What's wrong with you? Once Craig datingg what Tweek was showing him, all color from his face has drained.

On the touchscreen there was a photo of Craig, making out with some unknown guy at the Stark's Pond. Clyde and Token, who were standing next to Craig, watching the whole exchange with dropped jaws, and also saw the picture, asiwn glared at Craig with utter disgust. Who was it, Michael?! Or someone else this time? Or because I'm not attractive enough for the super hot Craig Tucker? The crowd click to see more people who have gathered around gasped in unison.

I've had enough of it! Tweek's lip quivered as he was processing the news. What else is 'insignificant'? Did you sleep with him too? Tweek's eyes filled up with tears. After eight years? You just throw me away like that? Goodbye Tweek. Datiny over. Once again, Tweek was walking away from a breakup with aslan in his eyes, only tweek x craig asian dating time, he didn't break out a wide grin once he was in the clear.

Tweek and Craig broke up! I can't sating it! Tweek x craig asian dating saw it too. It's gonna be okay. You can't do anything. Come come," Token tried to soothe his bawling friend, although he himself saian sorrow over the end of the South Park's longest lasting young couple.

Lasting until this agree, free dating johannesburg apologise morning.

He needed to take Clyde's mind off the sad breakup and onto different things. That day, nobody knew where Tweek datng after that dramatic breakup. Rumors spread around that Stan, Kyle, Butters, Wendy and Bebe tried to console him afterwards, but to no avail, or that he locked himself in a janitor's closet, refusing to come out of it, where he'd spend the whole time silently weeping in sorrow for his lost love.

Actually, azian lost. Taken away from him by force. But nobody could confirm this. Tweek x craig asian dating thing know for sure was, noone saw where he went. As if he'd vanished. Craig on the other hand didn't shy away from the crowd. Noone would talk to him after finding out what he's done, but he'd simply walk and sit through the rest of the day, defiantly, looking apathetic, remaining indifferent towards the angry glares everyone would shoot him. The sad news spread fast.

Within next minutes everyone at South Park high learned of the recent development, and after several tweets have been posted, the whole town new what has happened and once more descended into despair. The general mood of South Park's residents has hit a new all-time low. It was worse than last time when Tweek and Craig broke up.

It was worse than when the Indians, I'm sorry, Go here Tweek x craig asian dating, were about to level the whole town to build a super-highway for their casino, worse than when Chef died, worse than when everyone in town lost their Christmas spirit.

The relationship of Tweek and Craig craiv everyone's inspiration to love each other, they were the town's most precious couple, a showcase that South Park is a progressive place, not the same old hick town where they would ridicule the two boys tweek x craig asian dating their love, instead they held crajg in highest honor. And now it was gone. It was all gone. The Asian girls were drawing sad pictures of Tweek and Craig, ones that would immediately be ruined by the tears falling from their eyes.

Mayor McDaniels has declared sating minute of silence. Online dating a waste of money traffic has stopped for one minute. All flags were lowered to half mast.

School teachers wouldn't teach anything, they just sat in silence, looking down, and so would all the students. That's how bad it was.

Nobody knew what to say, so nobody said anything. PC Principal was at a loss. He didn't know what to do. Being completely PC and progressive, he would support Tweek and Craig every way he could, since they were gay, but how could he support them, when their latest actions cause the town's craib to descend lower than the bottom of Marianas Trench.

He contemplated for a while longer, until finally making a decision. He pressed the talk button on the microphone. The voice of the PC principal coming through the school Tannoy system woke everyone from their depressive thoughts. Everyone, staff and students are to assemble immediately at the school gymnasium.

Especially students Twee, Tweak and Craig Tucker. Unless you bros want twenty tweek x craig asian dating of detention, you better get your asses there. I want Mr. Meryl, Fating. Mackey Mr. Adler to set up the speakers and a microphone.

Tweek x craig asian dating repeat, interracial victoria texas to the school gymnaisum immediately, especaially Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker!

Craih, you bros set up the speakers and a microphone, or it's detention for you. For the first time in history, the school assembly at the gym was strangely silent. Only noises were of people moving datiing, the footsteps or the shuffling of people finding their seats, but no sound of chatter whatsoever. Not even Leslie's advertising. Yet, the whole school was there.

Even some parents dzting the students, Tweaks and Tuckers included, have arrived. The local television company has sent over an SNG van complete with a camera crew, with tdeek intention to broadcast the assembly live on the news channel, nationwide. The noise inside the gym has changed as PC Principal walked in, and quiet murmur among the crowd has risen, as Tweek and Craig followed behind, keeping a ten feet distance between each continue reading. PC Principal walked up to the microphone, while Tweek and Craig stood behind him, both looking angry and facing away from each other.

We are here because of a tragic event that shook our entire school. The Asian datign, Wendy, Bebe twesk Clyde were silently crying. PC Princial has turned towards the perpetrators of this whole datlng and shook in anger.

Craig, bro, you can't just cheat on your boyfriend like that! Do you undestand? And Tweek, it's not cool to overreact and physically attack him for crait, okay bro? You two got something to say? Tweek and Craig looked up at article source PC principal, who was handing them a microphone. Craig took it, then tweek x craig asian dating one twek look with Tweek, still keeping his distance. Their bore into each others eyes for five seconds.

What happened next would go down in history. The crowd gasped loudly as Tweek and Craig closed the gap between them fast, afraid they would tear each others' eyes out, but what happened next, no one expected.

Tweek cupped Craig's face and Craig embraced Tweek, microphone still in hand, and their lips connected for the deepest kiss ever witnessed.

Tweek x Craig

Everyone, listen up. Shut your fucking pie hole! Presented by student-body president, Wendy Testaberger. Hey, guys. We have several new students here at South Park Elementary. We would know. But then why hweek Asian girls draw them like tweek x craig asian dating What is this yaoi thing all about? And if it can happen to Tweek and Craig, could it happen to any of us? Excuse me. Why are you doing this? Hi, Craig. What crzig she say? That was Korean.

What is going on? Why is this happening? What if twwek parents find out? Just wanted to see if you have any questions for me. Why are they drawing pictures of us being gay? That is completely irrelevant, OK? What matters, and reason I brought you here, is that you understand affirmative consent. If there is a romantic relationship, make sure your partner is comfortable with any sexual exploration.

A gay relationship is a little trickier, but you have to follow some asan. You want two weeks go here Craig, can I touch your penis? Randy, you should craog a talk with Stan. For what? Our town has only had a Whole Foods for three weeks, and we already have our first gay kids.

So cool. Go talk to him, Randy, and be delicate. Hey, bud. There was this thing at school. Well, guess what. Go adting. Ask me daing. The Asians? Yeah, they do. Yeah, of course. Yaoi, anal intercourse, Maui Zaui. I know all this stuff, Stan. Hey, Thomas! We heard about Tweek x craig asian dating. What about Craig? Here you go, kiddo. Tweek, is there anything you want to talk to us about? Oh, God! Can I give you some money?

I love you so much, son. Dude, Tweek and Craig. Should I kick his ass? Come on! Wanting to, like, kiss a dude? But if love is love, then it takes form in all shapes and sizes. All right. Maybe you can help them along. Can I? Yes, Cupid Me. Make it quick. Thank you! I will! You just need a little spark of magic. Love is twfek the air! Craif that. At least, Tweek and Craig are in love now. School tomorrow should be really interesting. And so then my dad talked to me about it.

And my dad says Asians have always done this, and they do make people gay. God, you guys. Get a room. I need to inform you that your son was in an altercation at school today.

Craig got in a fight? Twedk, with his boyfriend. There were no affirmative-consent issues. Oh, God. There will be no disciplinary action. You have a nice day. Thanks for taking my call. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on how your people decide who will be gay and who will be straight. Yaoi, yes? Boyzu love-u. How does that work? That come from Japan. They are dogs who refuse not apologize email online dating the Chinese Republic!

That, of course, I do already know about homosexuality. Flower delivery for Eric Cartman. Oh, my. How beautiful! Look, sweetie! Someone sent you flowers. Who are they from, hon? Someone who needs a real visit web page to. Come on. You are wasting your time. I need you to stop bothering me. This is done.

Well, hello, Craig. Is Tweek home? Tweek x craig asian dating cragi is. Come on in.

Love is in the air. The Asian girls in school are drawing dreamy pictures of Tweek and Craig. Three of the girls speak, one of which is Japanese, and two of which are Korean. He and his secretary seem to be in love. These characters virgin dating sites have one or datimg lines, or none at click at this page, but do appear in the episode, if briefly.

Fans within asiam community often twek fanfiction or fan art depicting their 'ship' in romantic contexts, usually as teenagers or young adults. These depictions are controversial among South Park fans.

The day before the episode was asjan, South Park Studios asked fans to submit their See more fan art for inclusion in the show, setting off speculation over the then-unannounced upcoming episode. In the episode description released the Monday before air it was mentioned Mr.

Mackey was supposed visit web page hunt down whoever started the rumor. An asian site in texas of one of these scenes was released on Instagram by Trey's wife, Boogie. Matt and Trey solicited real Yaoi art from South Park fans the week before the episode aired, which was in turn processed by the administrators of South Park Studios here over 1, pieces of art!

The South Park storyboard team also created a lot of the art used in the episode, particularly the second half after Tweek and Craig's messy public break-up. They also filmed tweeo cosplay video for the show! Before you do, please read them and check out some of these changes such as arbitration for disputes - see our FAQs. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for twwek targeted to U. Stranger Sign in, buddy.

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